She Makes Me

By Dan Varner RenRav Publishing Inc copyright 2008

She makes me laugh, She makes me cry
A kind of love I’ve never had
She finds humor in the things we do
And She’s sad when I’m sad

She’s everything that I live for
Better or for worse, come what may
She really is a part of me
So I mean it when I say


That She makes me, The better man you see today
And She makes me, Confident when I say
That She’s the one I want with me for all eternity
And I’m a lucky Man because She Makes Me

She always know just what to say
When I don’t say anything at all
And She is the best part of me
But in Me, I just don’t see what She saw
She’s everything I’ve always wanted
And She believes in Me
She has to know just how I feel
That we were meant to be

And She Makes Me......

She always puts a smile on me
with a simple kiss
She’s the one I call my wife
The true meaning of happiness

And She

She Makes Me............ (Chorus)
I’m a lucky Man because She makes Me
I’m a better Man because, She Makes me