1. Yesterdays

From the recording From Within

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You say your sorry now I&rsquo;m gone<br />
And your life has not yet moved on<br />
But I just can&rsquo;t forget those words you said<br />
That last morning we spent together in our bed<br />
You&rsquo;ll never know what you put me through<br />
Now I need to just get over you.<br />
<br />
I read your letter just hours ago<br />
You said you really didn&rsquo;t want me to go<br />
But I just can&rsquo;t forget the man that came between<br />
The love that we had once, now will never be seen<br />
The pain I felt still feels brand new<br />
And now I need to just get over You<br />
<br />
(Chorus)<br />
<br />
So goodbye best friend I&rsquo;ve ever had<br />
Writing You this letter, I&rsquo;ve never been so sad<br />
And goodbye window to our old ways<br />
But I&rsquo;ll never forget our yesterdays<br />
<br />
(Solo)<br />
<br />
So take care of your new found life<br />
This is my last letter to you, As my wife<br />
I hope your dreams they all come true<br />
But now I need to just get over you<br />